Zion National Park

February 1, 2021 My Solo Trip, National Parks, The most beautiful places in North America

Visiting Zion National Park is a must for any traveler touring the state of Utah!

Every bend in the road is a feast for the eyes, from the variety of colors in the rocks, the shapes, and the amazing size of the canyon. During the summer, from March to November, car access is not allowed, and the park shuttle must take the internal route. The entrance fee is $30, but since I am officially a senior, I bought the “magic card,” free for life. It costs $80 and gives me the freedom to return to every park as often as I want.

My trip was in January, so that I could do it at my own pace. Stopping to take pictures from each and every viewpoint and taking all the time I needed to set up my cameras and enjoy the view. I love winter. I don’t mind the cold (but I do mind the heat), and seeing and photograph the park during this season was really a pleasure.

The contrast between the snow’s white and the rocks’ red is breathtaking. Bryce Canyon National Park was another perfect place to visit and photograph.

We hiked the Emerald Pools Loop; it is really an oasis in the middle of the desert. As we began ascending the rocks, the view over the river was impressive because the light entered the canyon in front of the trail, and I loved how the backlight shone in the water and through the vegetation. 

Some parts of the trail were easier than others, especially if you take several cameras and a tripod, as I did. Even though sometimes I feel they are just an extension of my body, I have the impression I am missing something when I am not carrying them. As we advanced in the trail, we saw that some places were protected with chains and iron bars to help and for safety. 

There is a small waterfall in front of the trail where the mist freezes on the rocks and over the path, and a thick layer of ice covers everything around it. To cross this section, I literally had to walk on all fours. I don’t have photos of my little adventure because all my energy was focused on getting safely to the other.

Since that day, I have always carried spiky chains for my boots to walk on the ice. My son Martin was my rescuer; he took my cameras and helped me cross. Otherwise, I would have had to backtrack. In the end, it was really funny!

I am sharing only a few of my pictures, waiting for the time to process the rest, especially the videos. Right now, I must keep walking!


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