Yosemite National Park in black and white

April 22, 2021 My Solo Trip, National Parks, The most beautiful places in North America

My Yosemite photographs are my tribute to Ansel Adams and to the wonderful nature world that fills my life with joy.

Photographing in Yosemite National Park was always my dream. When I was a photography student in college, I fell in love with the wonderful work of the American photographer Ansel Adams. 

His perfect black-and-white photographs have always been a source of inspiration for me. As I walked into the park, I was not only moved by its beauty but also by knowing that I was following the same trails that Ansel Adams walked and that I was looking at the same fantastic views that moved him so deeply.

Although I am no longer working with the huge view camera I had to use while I was in college, and photography went from film and chemicals to digital sensors, its essence remains the same. Before, I studied and practiced his zone system. Now, I apply rigorous post-processing in Photoshop to obtain a wide range of tones. I also use the visualization method prior to pressing the shutter.

I search every day for beauty in nature. I look for inspiration in a sunrise, a waterfall, a blade of grass, a flower, or even a waterdrop.


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