Yosemite National Park, a perfect time to visit

April 22, 2021 My Solo Trip, National Parks, The most beautiful places in North America

My visit to Yosemite National Park during Spring 2021 was an amazing experience. The air was cool and crispy, the flowers were blooming, the mountains were covered with snow, and it wasn’t crowded.

I left Fresno before dawn and I stopped in every viewpoint to catch the sunrise beautiful light shining on the blooming wildflowers.

Yosemite National Park is in central California, and it was one of the first places in the US to receive a protection treaty for its natural beauty. Then it was designated as a National Park in 1890, and in 1984 it was declared a World Heritage Site.

The Merced River, with its crystalline waters, is born in the park’s glaciers.

What makes this place so wonderful are its great rock monoliths, towering waterfalls, crystal-clear streams, and huge Sequoia trees.

The entrance to the park was only an hour away from Fresno, but once inside the park, I had to drive an additional hour and a half through a long stretch of charred forests from last year’s fires. Once I crossed the tunnel, the landscape changed completely.

The first thing I saw was the iconic view of the valley, where the great rock monoliths appear as the guardians of this wonderful place.

The morning light illuminated the famous “half dome,” and farther away, I saw the “Yosemite” waterfall.

I spent two days in the park, and the snow still closed many of the trails. I loved visiting this time of the year because I wanted to see the park with snow.

It was perfect timing. Tree leaves were coming back, and wildflowers were growing in the valley, but as soon as I started going up, I saw the ice and snow.

I drove slowly in the loop around the park. I stopped often to photograph my surroundings and enjoy the beauty of this magical place.

The huge waterfalls are so tall that the water turns into mist before it reaches the ground. Since temperatures were low, it turned into ice.

I also walked slowly in the trails, looking at the moss, the fresh and dry leaves, and the seeds. I enjoyed looking at the sunrays filtered by the tall trees illuminating the little pebbles in the river and changing the color of the water. The golden light was reflected in the river, even in mid-morning. Photographing in such a beautiful place was a pleasure, and I enjoyed every second of my visit.


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