Why is it Important that You Leave Me a Review?

May 13, 2024 Wonder, My book

Please, I Need Your Help!

Reviews are critical to me because they help the platforms better position my book “WONDER, My Journey Through Nature.” I have worked hard to publish it and need your help selling it.

Here are the links where you can leave me reviews even if you still need to finish or have not read the book. You don’t have to have bought it, although I hope you do.

You will also find some examples that you can use, although I hope you use your own creativity.

📝 Write a review on Amazon

Click here to leave me a review on Amazon

📝 Write a review on Apple Books

Click here to leave me a review on Apple Books

📝 Write a review on Google Play

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P.S. Here are some sample social media posts copies you can use:

For Facebook and Instagram:

I love this new book by my friend @victoriarestrepophotography, grab a copy of  WONDER, My Journey Through Nature here: https://vrestrepo.com/book

Looking for a great read? I highly recommend “WONDER, My Journey Through Nature” by @victoriarestrepophotography, which covers how in May 2020, as the planet plunged into a global quarantine, the author’s life took an unexpected turn. What began as a trip forced by necessity became a deep exploration that led her to search the most remote and beautiful places and her introspective journey to her inner world. She gives readers a complete and immersive experience through her words and hundreds of linked photographs and videos from each chapter.

Order here: https://vrestrepo.com/book/


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