Walking Among Birds, The Colombian Amazon Region

August 5, 2019 Documentaries

I have always dreamed of traveling to the Colombian Amazon. I imagined what the river would be like, so big you couldn’t see the other side.

Amazon River, © Victoria Restrepo
Amazon River, © Victoria Restrepo

But what I found beyond the river was what amazed me the most; in the jungle, there exists a completely different world with abundant nature and the cultural heritage and ancestral legacy of the indigenous communities that inhabit it.

Saimiri sciureus Victoria Restrepo ©

The Amazon covers one-third of Colombia’s national territory. It is a completely isolated region surrounded by enormous rivers and intersected by hundreds of smaller ones that flood the forest during the rainy season. 

Amazon River, © Victoria Restrepo
Psarocolius decumanus, © Victoria Restrepo

Enjoy a trip to the Colombian Amazon region:


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