Visiting Utah, the Snow Canyon State Park

January 14, 2021 My Solo Trip, The most beautiful places in North America

The Snow Canyon State Park is located in southern Utah, near the City of Saint George. Although it is called Snow, it is not because it gets a lot of snow during winter. That only happens sporadically. The name comes from the first settlers’ last name, who lived in this area.

Snow Canyon, Utah

Why did I choose Utah? This trip is a pilgrimage, a connection with nature, and an encounter with myself. My life changed completely during the past year, and I haven’t figured out yet what and how I want to live the time I have ahead of me.

I spent years walking through forests, jungles, beaches, and mountains. Always with my cameras, enjoying every step, visiting the State parks in Maryland, and traveling to my mother country Colombia. 

Snow Canyon, Utah

I looked for little critters during the summer, the bright colors of the leaves in the fall, the icicles in winter, and the wildflowers in spring. But the vast deserts of the American West were completely unknown to me.

Driving through the desert

I was introduced to what was ahead of me during the road trip. I could see how the landscape changed as I left the Appalachian Mountains behind. The scenery became increasingly deserted, and the colors of the rocks started to turn red, white, yellow, and orange.

Snow Canyon, Utah

Visiting the Snow Canyon State Park was a good start. It is very close to the city of Saint George; it is easily accessible, and the entrance costs $ 15 dollars. It has a paved road that crosses it, but its beauty can only be seen by walking.

Snow Canyon, Utah

Although I took many photos and videos, I want to register for my visit now. I need time to organize, edit, investigate, and write, and since I am waking in the parks almost every day, I haven’t had the time to do it yet, but I am going one step at a time. I will be posting a link here.


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