The Tropical Storms in Florida

December 9, 2020 Birds, Documentaries, My Solo Trip, The most beautiful places in North America

Florida, in the United States, is known for its strong storms, they are so powerful that they can cause destruction, but at the same time, they are part of the cycle of life.

After the storm goes away, the puddles remain for several days.

I have visited Fort DeSoto Park at least two or three times per week for several months and have seen the storms hit its beaches, but at the same time, I have enjoyed the calm when the sun shines again.

The great heron trapped the little frog, who decided to show it around the puddle.
It dipped the frog repeatedly in the water…

I have been photographing and filming during and after the storms, and this experience gave me a new perspective on how the cycle of life unfolds in this beautiful place.

This habitat doesn’t last long. It was like going on a short vacation. They had fun with friends, lots of food, and great swimming holes…

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