The secret world of flowers

September 12, 2021 Nature Photography

Our eyes are wonderful, but they cannot see very far or very close or too small because the details can get lost. And it is there where I can enter through the camera to reach a wonderful and unknown world. Photographing what is obvious and does not require looking further is easier. But when I look carefully and wait patiently, as in the act of magic, this wonderful world reveals what my eyes cannot see.

Getting inside the flower is a magical journey.

Flowers are a universe in themselves. They hide not only their internal structures, but they are incredibly complex and full of details. If I wanted to design something this beautiful for a moment, it would be impossible to imagine that amount of perfection and the unique colors, filaments, stamens, cavities, spheres, and textures.

Each tiny step takes us closer.

And they also hide other tiny treasures which evolved with them. They developed in unison, and as in a symphony, they depended on each other. The flower does not exist without its pollinator, and the insect does not live without the flower.

To see what our eyes can’t see

When I go out with my camera to look for flowers, I never know what surprises I will find. Sometimes they do not emerge immediately; I might wait until I reveal my images and they appear on my computer screen because the camera’s viewfinder often cannot show them.

 Sometimes I find new details that I didn’t see before. Photography always surprises me; even months or years later, I find an unprocessed image, which was one more of the many that I took, or maybe it did not belong to the story I was going to tell. Sometimes, I need to find another image to remind me that I found a flower similar or an insect similarly pollinating the flower at another time and in a different place.


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