The Richness of Birds in the Colombian Andes

September 20, 2021 Birds, Birds from Colombia, My Solo Trip, The most beautiful places in Colombia

On the second day after returning to Colombia, I enjoyed a cool and sunny morning after a strong overnight storm. I quickly had a tangerine juice and an arepa * with white cheese for breakfast; this is part of the traditional breakfast in Antioquia, among other delicacies. The birds were already calling me, and the desire to get out was more potent than the hunger. Immediately I opened the door, I found a Colombian Chachalaca walking in front of the house, strolling, sunbathing. It is a magnificent bird. Whenever I see it, I remember that birds are direct descendants of dinosaurs. Their appearance is decidedly prehistoric. She was alone, and I was surprised it was not singing; they are usually very noisy.

Ortalis columbiana
Ortalis columbiana

I explored this tiny green oasis, home to more than 90 species of birds in less than 5 hectares, and where their song, the flapping of hummingbirds, the croaking of frogs, and the bustle of insects, give me the feeling of being very far from the civilization that surrounds this place. The vegetation is so thick that it is difficult for me to find the birds, and as I walk with the camera, I discover surprising plants, butterflies, tiny beetles, and dragonflies.

The heat and humidity create a lethargy at noon, from which the animals only begin to emerge when the storm approaches, and in a single tree, I found more than eight different species of birds before it started to rain. These were some of my findings today.

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