The Frozen Forests, a Winter Kaleidoscope

December 20, 2020 Documentaries, The most beautiful places in North America

Winter has been my favorite season since I moved to the US. I grew up in the tropics and spent my first winter as an adult. Twenty years ago, I moved from Colombia to Washington, DC, and started photographing the most beautiful scenes and ice formations.

Beautiful winter scenes, Photography © Victoria Restrepo

Ice changes all the time. It grows, melts, and transforms into new forms and shapes.

Winter Icicles, Great Falls, Potomac, Maryland
Winter ice formations, Potomac River, Washington DC
Winter Icicles, Potomac River, Maryland

This activity turned out to be a passion for me. The colder the temperatures, the better images I got. I didn’t mind the cold, and I spent hours in the frozen forest looking for ice-covered leaves and branches, icicles, and tiny air bubbles trapped inside the ice.

Beautiful winter scenes in the Potomac River
Icicles in the river
C&O Canal, Potomac River

I love finding beauty in the winter season. It is amazing to see how water can take so many different shapes. Sometimes the temperature is so low that it can instantly freeze water vapor or even one drop of water hanging from a leaf. 

Ice storm, Potomac River
Frozen water drop
Winter icicle

Ice storms are happy events for me. Exploring the forest with my cameras is an activity that allows me to find the most exquisite natural sculptures, amazing winter birds, and beautiful winter scenes. 

Female Cardinal, enduring a winter storm
Potomac River
Winter storm
Frozen C&O canal, Potomac, MD

After enjoying nature in winter through the years, I decided to put my best ice photography together. This picture gallery and the documentary result from my passion and exploration.


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