The Colombian Pacific Region, Walking Among Birds

August 5, 2019 Documentaries

Colombia is a magical land, a natural paradise where hidden gems shine. Chocó is one of the most magnificent places I have seen. It’s where nature is unspoiled, the rainforest touches the ocean, and life is simple.

Chocó Colombia, Victoria Restrepo ©

The Chocó coastal region is isolated from the rest of the country. There are no roads, so you either travel by plane or by boat, but the boat takes around twenty-four hours, so it was out of the question.

Chocó Colombia, Victoria Restrepo ©
Chocó Colombia, Victoria Restrepo ©

There are no commercial flights, so I booked a seat in a small charter plane. I was a little nervous. It was like going on an adventure with Indiana Jones.

Chocó Colombia, Victoria Restrepo ©

Choco is one of my favorite places in Colombia, come with me to enjoy it:


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