The bright colors in Chingaza National Park

August 28, 2023 My travel Journal, The most beautiful places in Colombia

Siecha Lagoons are located in Chingaza National Park. The hike begins at 3200 meters above sea level at the National Park Cabin. This trail is steep, with a length of 10 km and an elevation gain of 500 meters.

Reaching the Trail

Before I started my trip, I was unsure whether I could accomplish it. My 65 years weigh on me, and I’ve lived at sea level for years. But my son, who has more confidence in me, assured me I could do it, and I had to believe him. 

We left Bogotá at 6:00 a.m. and arrived at 7:00 a.m. at the intersection where the transportation left us. It was 4.5 km from the park entrance. We took a dirt and mud path with deep potholes, surrounded by potato crops and cattle farms. We encountered some bird species from much lower altitudes, like the southern lapwing (Vanellus chilensis).” The rising temperature of our planet allows them to move to higher areas. We continued the ascent and crossed a commercial pine plantation bordering the park.

The Paramo

Paramo is one of the world’s most important ecosystems, nestled in mountains between the tree line and glaciers. Colombia is one of few countries home to paramos. More than 60% of these moorlands are found on its soil.

When we finally arrived at the Chingaza National Park entrance, crossing the invisible barrier that separates this already degraded area, the landscape changed dramatically. I heard the constant sound of water, the fluttering of birds, and the strong gusts of wind. They brought the delightful aroma of the protected world that remains safe… so far.

I like to stroll, and exploring the trails takes me a lot of time. María José, my guide, is patient with me because my goal is not to reach the summit but to explore everything around me.

A Colorful Garden

Now, I have more experience finding the treasures I seek: the flowers, mosses, insects, fungi, and the beautiful lichens clinging to the bark of bushes and rocks.

The Colors of the High Mountain

Without a doubt, paramos are my favorite ecosystems. The colors of the flowers, lichens, and insects make this place a painting palette with all possible and imaginable shades!


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