The Big Dune in Amargosa Valley

March 15, 2021 My Solo Trip, The most beautiful places in North America

The Big Dune in Amargosa Valley is located in a desertic area 156 miles west of Las Vegas, Nevada. It stands alone in a rocky area with low vegetation.

The first thing that caught my attention from afar was its large size and the beauty of its pale and soft-colored sands, which change constantly depending on the sunlight.

This dune was considered a sacred place for the ancient American cultures that populated this area. When I started reading about it, I found the most fascinating information.

This is a migrating dune created by wind and water from the Amargosa River. It is constantly shifting and changing with the wind. It has an area of ​​approximately five square miles and is 500 feet high at its highest point.

During the summer, when the temperature is very high, and the wind disturbs its surface, the dune produces a low and deep sound. That is why it is also called the singing dune. Only 35 desert locations around the planet produce this phenomenon.

As if this weren’t enough, four endemic beetle species live there, one is in danger of extinction, and the others are threatened species. They depend on the sparse vegetation to feed and breed.

Unfortunately, at this time, the dune is used as a track for ATV vehicles and motorcycles, thus risking its fauna and flora, especially the endangered beetles.


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