The Beautiful Fall Colors in Florida

December 22, 2020 My Solo Trip, The most beautiful places in North America

Fall colors in Florida are real, and they are absolutely stunning. Some people think Florida is either the Orlando theme park or the nightlife in Miami. To me, Florida means white sand beaches, clear turquoise springs, evergreen forests, and swamps with cypress trees covered in Spanish moss. 

Green summer forest
Sunrise is amazing on a foggy morning

I have been in Florida for over six months now, and I discover something wonderful and new every week. Florida is much more than we could imagine.

Bugs fill the forests.
Reddish Egret, Egretta rufescens, there must be a fish down there

When I arrived in mid-May, it was hot and humid, it rained almost every day, and the coastline and the tropical forests were beaming with buzzing insects attacking mercilessly, even through my clothes. But most importantly, I found thousands of shorebirds, many of them I had never seen before.

A big storm approaching.

Then came the hurricane season with powerful storms, flooded swamps, and marshes. I enjoyed each stage, but I never expected to see the autumn in Florida. 

The beautiful reflections of the fall
The swamps with red cypress trees covered in Spanish moss contrast with the flowers.
Birds getting the first sun rays in a fall cold morning
The changing colors of the leaves contrast with the beautiful yellow flowers

Fall foliage in Florida is not easy to see. It arrives later. In some places, you can see it as late as in December. The further north you go, the easier to see the fall colors. But I never expected to experience how this tropical scene transforms itself with autumn’s reddish, yellow, and ochre colors. 

The first sun rays in a fall cold morning
the swamp is surrounded by the changing vegetation
Spiderwebs shining in the morning light
Flowers are still booming, contrasting against the red background
An alligator sunbathing on a cold morning

Seeing the swamps with red cypress trees covered in Spanish moss was a surprise! But if you add the colorful flowers, birds, alligators, bright spiderwebs, butterflies, and bees, this is something coming out of a fantasy book.

Bright red colors contrast with the summer greens.

I ask myself how I never knew about this. When people want to see the fall foliage, they always think about going north, and they are right. This is amazing. But after the leaves fall, you should visit Florida and look for this incredible scenery.

Ardea herodias, Great Blue Heron in the morning light
Ardea herodias, Great Blue Heron in the morning light

I was very lucky to enjoy this experience this year, and it is something I will never forget. Let’s walk together to see what I found.

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