The Bay-headed Tanager, a jewel from Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

October 6, 2021 Birds, Birds from Colombia, My Solo Trip, The most beautiful places in Colombia

The Bay-headed Tanager is a little gem hidden among the dense foliage of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia. Its tiny redhead glows through the leaves, but when the tree is full of ripe fruit, as in the case of this plum, it becomes a bit more challenging to identify them.

The name tanager originated in Brazil from the word “tupi” which means dancer; During my visit to Colombia, I found many species of tanagers, and I am sure I will find many more. I know it is a privilege because they are the most colorful birds on the planet. Today I will share the photographs of the Bay-headed Tanager; its main characteristic is its redhead. Its Latin name is Tangara gyrola, and the subspecies found in the Sierra Nevada is Toddi; its entire body is green and differs from the Andean, which has a blue body and green wings.

What is a tanager? It is a genus of birds that includes around 240 species, all living in the Americas and the vast majority in the tropics. Although some live in large areas, including Central and South American countries, some have a significantly reduced habitat and are endemic to a country or even a small region.

The tanagers feed mainly on fruits and seeds but hunt insects and drink nectar from flowers. Every encounter with these beautiful birds is a treat for the eyes and the spirit.


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