The Alabama Natural Bridge

January 6, 2021 My Solo Trip, The most beautiful places in North America

As I was driving on I-22 in Alabama, I saw a sign announcing the entrance to the Alabama Natural Bridge. I took the exit without knowing how far it was from the highway or what the place looked like.

Bridge view from the trail

Once on the side road, I stopped to Google information and directions.

I liked the images I saw, so I decided to visit it. It was only 11 miles away. Google Maps does not have it well located, and its route comes to a standstill in front of a train lane. It is better to use maps from Apple or another browser. After the confusion with the map that was not very serious, we found the place.

The bridge is inside a private property, and the entrance fee is $ 3.50 per person. According to its description, the bridge was formed 200 million years ago while this area was covered by water. The ocean washed the limestone leaving only the veins of rock and iron.

This tall tree grew, looking for natural light.

Generally, these formations are easier to find in the desert and are not surrounded by vegetation as in this case. The bridge is 148 feet long and 60 feet high, and it is located in the middle of a very humid area, which has allowed moss to grow on the rocks and trees surrounding it.

The forest outside the bridge

The contrast between the dark rocks and the green of the moss is very beautiful. Although my visit was during the month of January, the green of the moss was still alive and bright.

The bridge is very easy to access, although it is not allowed to walk over it because of the danger it represents, both for people and the structure itself.

Martin can give us the scale of the rock formation
My son Martin is on top of the rock taking me a picture
Here he is, Martin, on top of the rock

Martín, my son, climbed the nearby rocks, allowing us to have a scale of the size of the bridge, both from when I photographed him on the rocks and when he did the same with me.

Picture of me taken by Martin from the rock above
You can see the scale of the bridge

It is a very beautiful place, and it is worth visiting if you are close by.

The forest view from the bridge
The beautiful dried flowers in winter
Detail of the flowers
I love the different textures
The moss was bright green, even in mid winter

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