Sunset at the San Luis Wildlife Reserve in California

April 1, 2021 Birds, My Solo Trip, The most beautiful places in North America

I enjoyed a wonderful sunset at the San Luis National Wildlife Refuge in the San Joaquin Valley of central California. I visited the reserve during the first week of Spring before the migrating birds started moving north from their winter home. In another post, I will tell you more about the reserve and the animals I found there, but for now, let’s enjoy the beauty of those precious moments.

Waiting for the sunset is always an unpredictable moment. We never really know how colorful it is going to be. It could be calm and have soft pastel tones or burst into bright and strong shades that will intensify as it gets dark.

This afternoon was remarkably unforgettable. As I drove across the reserve, I saw how the wetland was coming to life, the birds were chirping, calling, and singing, and the beautiful light slowly wrapped the bright and golden grass.

After spending several weeks in the desert during winter, I was avid to find birds again, and seeing them moved me. I was absolutely thrilled!

I did want to see the sunset, but at the same time, I was worried about the timing. I would have to drive for at least three more hours to return to where I would spend the night. Plus, I do not like to drive when it is dark. Especially if it is a two-line road, the incoming traffic makes visibility very difficult. Ah! And the road was under construction. I had many reasons to leave, but I couldn’t do it…

After the sun disappeared below the horizon, the colors intensified. Everything was so perfect!

 A soft breeze moved the grass, the sound of insects grew louder, and birds singing created a wonderful concert.

In a nearby tree, there was a large nest. It was so dark that I could only see its silhouette. I used my lens to get closer, and I saw a very still bird resting. I was also watching the wonderful colors of the sunset; I was so surprised and excited to see it.

Then, I turned to see the hundreds of ducks flying, swimming, and fishing in the swamps. They splashed, followed each other, jumped, and dived into those fantastic pink waters.

As the darkness settled and the colors faded into the night, the first stars began to shine…

I will keep those memories with me forever!


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