Sunset at Bryce Canyon National Park

February 8, 2021 My Solo Trip, National Parks, The most beautiful places in North America

Bryce Canyon National Park is a place where nature is absolutely wonderful. You can see some incredible rock formations when you arrive at the park and look out over the canyon rim. The hoodoos are large columns of rock that are formed by erosion and can measure from seven feet to more than 150 feet in height.

According to a sacred oral tradition of the Paiute tribe, states that the hoodoos were ancient legend of people that were turned into stone by the Coyote due to their evil deeds.

Whether unlucky characters or fairies, these big rocks are mesmerizing and their red and orange colors shine wonderfully in the snow.

Because of the canyon’s location, it faces east, and finding a place to watch the sunset is difficult. Inside the park, there is a place called “sunset point,” and even though from there you can see the golden light on the rocks, you cannot see the moment when the sun sets on the horizon.

I decided to take the internal road of the park and found a place where there were only burnt skeletons after the forest fire of 2009. The forest has not yet regenerated and is still going through its natural cycle. But for now, since it is at the summit, it allows a full view of almost 360 degrees.

After the sunset, the entire sky exploded in colors as if it were a gigantic rainbow. A great variety of shades and colors were reflected in the atmosphere and the snow. 

It was a wonderful experience.


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