Sunrise in Bryce Canyon National Park

February 8, 2021 My Solo Trip, National Parks, The most beautiful places in North America

Bryce Canyon National Park is incredibly beautiful at any time of the day and in any season. But there is a time of day that is truly magical because the sun rises behind the hoodoos or the large stone columns.

When I got to the park, it was pretty dark
The moon and the twilight shone some light into the snow

Since the night before, I left my cameras ready and prepared my clothes. In the first week of February, temperatures are actually very cold, especially at sunrise.

The bright colors appeared on the horizon
The beautiful colors filled the canyon

At six in the morning, the night was still completely dark, and the thermometer read -12 degrees Celsius without counting the wind factor. I dressed in as many layers as possible because the wait would be long. Oddly enough, the place I chose to wait for the sunrise is called “the sunset point.” At least in February, it was the perfect place.

There was an explosion of colors.
Finally, the sun rose

The sunrise was so beautiful from complete darkness where only a tiny bit of the moon was shining, until the sun rose gloriously behind the mountains.

The golden light hit the hoodoos.

The colors were changing and intensifying in that space of two hours, while the glow on the snow and rocks became lighter.

For me, it was an absolutely unforgettable moment.


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