August 5, 2019 Birds from Colombia

The Palm Tanager is one of the most widespread birds from Central America to southern Bolivia, Paraguay, and Brazil. In Colombia, it is found throughout the national territory up to 2100 m above sea level.

They are common at forest borders, and although they are associated with palm trees, they are not restricted to living in palms. 

Thraupis palmarum, Palm Tanager
Victoria Restrepo ©

They are grey to dull olive-green, and both sexes are similar, although females may be somewhat paler.

Their diet is roughly equally balanced with fruit, nectar, and arthropods. When foraging, they often cling to the undersides of large leaves. 

Palm Tanagers usually travel in pairs or small groups. They often forage apart from other species, but Palm Tanagers also commonly join other species at fruiting trees.

Thraupis palmarum, Palm Tanager Victoria Restrepo ©

Build a cup-shaped nest with shreds of dried leaves and moss. It usually nests in cavities or at the base of palm leaves. They lay between 2 and 3 yellow eggs with brown spots and incubate them for about 14 days.

Photographs by Victoria Restrepo ©


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