Follow the process of this large watercolor painting and experience the inspiring beauty of this iconic ecosystem, captured on paper with exquisite artistry. Each brush stroke brings to life the rich biodiversity, from the majestic trees reaching for the sky to the colorful birds and elusive wildlife hidden within the foliage. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the rainforest as shades of green and bursts of tropical hues transport you to this breathtaking landscape. Own a piece of this natural wonder, as these captivating watercolor paintings evoke a sense of wonder and appreciation for the Amazon’s irreplaceable beauty.

42×34 Inches

The Flooded Rainforest

The painstaking process of watercolor continues its course. I have been working on the left side of the work, so detailed that time has stopped. The skin of the small alligator took me several days of work since each one of its scales changes its tone depending on the direction of the light.

In the background, there is a palm tree. This was one of the first elements I chose when I made the sketch. The rainforest of the Amazon gets flooded every rainy season, and when the water level rises, the vegetation is submerged, leaving different color stripes on the bark of the trunks. These stripes are colonized by lichens, fungi, and moss, which give them an impressive appearance. It is an entire ecosystem on the bark’s surface that contrasts with the tones of the dry leaves on the ground.