My trip through the most beautiful places in the United States

January 14, 2021 My Solo Trip, National Parks, The most beautiful places in North America

My journey through the most beautiful places in the United States has led me to visit 24 states in the last 6 months. I have traveled more than 25,000 kilometers and seen places I have never heard of.

This trip was just a dream for a long time, but I never really thought I could do it. Finally, the Covid pandemic cut off all my plans for 2020, and I realized that I needed a new path. I found myself in a situation where it seemed that life itself was guiding me and signaling that this was a good time to realize my dream.

Packing my car and ready to go!

I am aware of Covid and that I must take care of my health and keep my distance by following all preventive measures. My plans had these premises in the first place.

The whole process has been an incredible experience. From planning the routes, finding the places to stay, preparing all my meals, and developing logistics that allow me to lead a normal life. I have learned to live with the minimum stuff, only with what I can carry in my car.

I had to choose my cameras, lenses and equipment, computer, hard drives, travel monitor, sound and recording devices, etc. Everything should take up the minimum space and pack it so I can have easy access to them. At the same time, I have prepared myself to photograph seven days a week while I travel to this beautiful country, telling stories with my images and videos.

If you want to know how I got here, I will tell you how things happened in the video.


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