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October 5, 2020 My Solo Trip, The most beautiful places in North America

I turned 63 years old a couple of days ago, and not even in my wildest dreams, I thought I would be starting a solo trip at my age. I have always loved nature, I am a photographer, artist, and filmmaking, and I have traveled extensively with family and friends, mostly in my native Country, Colombia.

Last year, my relationship of 25 years ended, and then my youngest son left for college, I had to sell the house during the Covid pandemic, and I found myself alone. During several months, I got rid of almost everything I owned. I knew I would be without a permanent place for a while because I had no idea how to put my life back together. I never intended to live alone, and getting settled in a place by myself was really scary.

On my way to Florida

After painting and fixing my house, I said goodbye to the life I knew and packed my photography equipment, watercolors and brushes, and computer. I headed south to Florida, where I was lucky to spend a few months in the beautiful city of St. Petersburg.

I lived in Maryland for almost 20 years and was used to the changing seasons and the cool nights during the summer. In Florida, it was very surprising for me to experience the extreme temperatures, the high humidity, the powerful storms, and the mosquitoes. But at the same time, I discovered the incredible variety of species of shorebirds, the amazing diversity of insects and plants, and the surprisingly clear springs and wetlands. I saw dolphins, manatees, sharks, manta rays, and sea life from my balcony.

After being for a few months in such a close relationship with nature, walking every day among birds, watching how they groom their feathers, feed themselves, take care of their babies, and enjoy flying into the strong winds, I took the decision to take a road trip to discover other places and to let the time guide me to a new life. 

I don’t know for how long I will be traveling, I don’t have an exact route, but I know this is the perfect time to do it. I will be documenting my adventures for me or my children and those who would like to follow my path through my stories or in person. 

This is my first post of many. If you want to read this post in Spanish, please follow the link:


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