My life in nature

June 10, 2022 My Solo Trip, The most beautiful places in North America

Life has taught me, sometimes harmoniously and harshly, to flow within its clear and soft waters or let myself be carried away by the dark and muddy instead of fighting against the turbulent current. Nature is my refuge in moments of sadness and pain, and at the same time, it is the place where I feel completely happy when life smiles at me and an unlimited source of beauty and wisdom.

Nature embraces me and takes me along well-marked and quiet paths. Sometimes I receive confusing messages that push me from one place to another without understanding their meaning or their purpose, but in the end, I always find shelter and rest in the wild.

Since I was a child and for more than sixty years, I have traveled throughout beautiful and surprising places, sleeping under the stars and listening to the sound of rivers, waterfalls, and ocean waves. No matter the location or country, I have always enjoyed nature. My first trips were with my parents and brothers, and as an adult, I traveled with my kids discovering the wonders that only children can see through their eyes.

Now I travel alone, but always with my inseparable companions: my cameras. They allow me to go where my eyes often do not reach, and I can find tiny or distant worlds through my lenses. I can catch light, shadow, and colors to preserve magical moments that disappear instantly.


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