My encounter with the Bald Eagles

July 7, 2021 Birds, My Solo Trip, National Parks, The most beautiful places in North America

My encounter with the Bold Eagles in Rialto Beach was unexpected since I got this amazing experience while looking for tide pools. I encountered the eagles on my second visit because my first one was unsuccessful.

When I arrived during the first week of June, it was foggy, very cold, and rainy. The wind was so strong that I could not keep my camera still, even for a few seconds. The mist was thick and dense, and I couldn’t see the ocean.

I tried to get closer to the rocks where I thought I would find the tide pools, but crossing over the logs and slippery rocks was impossible. After climbing up and down for a couple of hours, I gave up.

During my second visit, the sky was blue, and the temperature was warmer. I had located on a map the exact point where I wanted to go, and I began to walk along the coastline. This beach was completely covered with small, polished stones instead of sand. I loved these perfect pebbles. However, as soon as I started walking, I realized every step I took was harder and harder.

Hiking in this terrain is very difficult. The stones worked as suction cups that sucked my feet. Getting one foot out of the gravel to take the next step was hard, and as I put my weight on one side, I sank deeper. I tried walking on the biggest stones, the smallest, the wettest, the furthest from the shore, but it didn’t make any difference. Ultimately, I just tried to take it optimistically, as it was a new experience.

After a few miles, I saw a bald eagle on the top branch of the tallest tree. It was perched there, just watching the ocean. I felt sorry that I hadn’t brought my best camera with a large lens, but this time I was looking for mollusks, and I knew it would be a long walk. I only had a small bridge camera, and I started to shoot. It was a fascinating experience.

Suddenly, the eagle began to look backward, it was possible that it had heard something that I didn’t listen to because of the roar of the waves and the wind, but very soon I realized what or who he was waiting for: Its partner.

The pair of eagles spent a while resting on the branches of the towering tree, simply watching the sea. Then, the male, who was the smaller, flew first, and after him went the female. It was difficult to follow them with the camera because they were quite far from me, especially because of the wind hitting my lens hard.

After flying over the ocean, the male landed on the shore, where the waves were breaking. Suddenly, he took flight with impressive speed, pulled a fish out of the water, and went to a nearby tree to enjoy dinner. Bald eagles in their midst fishing off Rialto Beach in Washington State. Photographs and interesting history.


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