August 24, 2019 Bird Paintings

Hummingbirds are unique to the Americas, but just a few of the 300 species recorded live or migrate to North America, and only one venture to the East Coast. 

There are two countries where more than 150 species of hummingbirds have been documented: Ecuador and Colombia.

I grew up in Colombia, where different hummingbird species were buzzing around in my mom’s garden. It wasn’t until I moved to the US that I realized this was an incredible privilege.

As a photographer, I have been photographing them for many years, but then I fell in love with them, and I started painting these tiny birds.

I use watercolor and gouache because they give me the quality I need to paint their delicate feathers.

When I take a picture of a bird, I also photograph the surrounding area, so when I paint, I can place the bird in its own environment.


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