How to collect “Happy Places”

June 27, 2024 My travel Journal, Wonder, My book

Based on my painful experience, and how these “Happy Places” helped me to regain some peace in my darkest moments, I want to offer you some tips on how you can start discovering and creating them. Finding them in nature involves engaging with the natural world in ways that bring you joy, relaxation, and a sense of connection. These are some steps and tips I found out useful you create and gather these “Happy Places”:

1. Identify Your Favorite settings

Start by identifying what aspects of nature resonate with you the most. This could be specific environments like forests, beaches, mountains, or specific activities like hiking, birdwatching, or even gardening.

2. Explore Different Natural Settings

Spend time in various natural settings to discover which ones you find most calming and joyful.

  • Gardens and Parks: Visit botanical gardens or parks, where you can appreciate the curated beauty of plants and flowers.
  • Beaches and Coastal Areas: Feel the sand between your toes, listen to the waves, and enjoy the sea breeze.
  • Forests: Mountains and Hills: Feel the sense of achievement and marvel at the magnificent panoramic views.

3. Engage in Nature-Based Activities

Participate in activities that allow you to interact deeply with nature and create positive experiences. Some activities include:

  • Hiking and Walking: Explore trails and enjoy the physical exercise combined with the beauty of nature.
  • Birdwatching: Observe and identify different bird species, which can be both relaxing and intellectually stimulating.
  • Photography: Capture the beauty of nature through your lens, creating lasting memories of your happy places.
  • Camping: Spend a night under the stars, cook over a campfire, and enjoy the simplicity of outdoor living.
  • Water Activities: Kayaking, canoeing, or swimming in natural water bodies can be refreshing and exhilarating.

4. Create Rituals and Routines

Develop routines or rituals that incorporate nature into your daily or weekly life:

  • Morning Walks: Start your day with a walk-in a nearby park or nature trail.
  • Weekend Adventures: Plan regular weekend trips to natural spots you love.
  • Nature Journaling: Keep a journal to document your experiences, thoughts, and feelings while in nature. Include sketches, photos, and notes.

5. Practice Mindfulness in Nature

Engage in mindfulness practices while you are in nature to deepen your connection and appreciation:

  • Meditation: Sit quietly and meditate in a natural setting, focusing on the sounds, smells, and sights around you.
  • Deep Breathing: Practice deep breathing exercises while taking in the natural environment.
  • Gratitude: Take moments to express gratitude for the beauty and tranquility that nature provides.

6. Capture and Cherish Memories

Create tangible reminders of your happy places in nature:

  • Photography: Take photos of your favorite spots and moments.
  • Nature Collections: Collect natural items like shells, rocks, or leaves to remind you of your visits.
  • Journaling: Make a journal of your nature adventures with photos, maps, and notes.

7. Share Your Experiences

Sharing your experiences with others can enhance your enjoyment and help you discover new happy places.

8. Create a Nature-Friendly Space at Home

If you cannot always be outdoors, bring elements of nature into your home:

  • Indoor Plants: Surround yourself with indoor plants to create a calming, nature-inspired environment.
  • Nature Sounds: Play recordings of nature sounds like bird songs, ocean waves, or rain.
  • Nature Art: Decorate your home with artwork or photos of your favorite natural scenes.

Examples of Happy Places in Nature

  1. A Forest Trail: Where you enjoy morning hikes, breathing in the fresh air, and listening to the rustling leaves.
  2. An Isolated Beach: A spot where you can sit quietly, watch the waves, and feel the warm sand beneath your feet.
  3. A Mountain Peak: The summit where you feel a sense of accomplishment and awe at the panoramic views.
  4. A Flower Garden: A garden filled with vibrant flowers where you can sit and read or simply enjoy the beauty around you.
  5. A Tranquil Lake: A peaceful lake where you can kayak, fish, or simply relax by the shore.

By actively exploring, engaging, and creating routines around nature, you can cultivate a collection of happy places that provide joy, peace, and a refuge from stress.

In my next newsletter I will tell you how to recover those happy places. I assure you that they have made a big difference in my life.


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