How many shades of green can we see?

September 23, 2021 My Solo Trip, National Parks, Nature Photography, The most beautiful places in Colombia

Our eyes are designed to see green more than any other color. Perhaps evolution led us to this adaptation to distinguish our food or to avoid getting lost in forests and jungles. There are around 300 shades of green, but I think they can be endless since, in nature, the colors depend not only on the tonality they reflect but also on the quality and quantity of light. The golden, reddish, or pastel tones of sunrise and sunset transform leaves’ green colors.

The Andean Green Mountains

Today, I want to share with you the Andean mountains, where the trees intermingle with bamboo forests and coffee crops, and this infinite variety of tones is wrapped in the clouds, creating a magical and wonderful world.

The Fantastic Green Birds

Green color isn’t just found in the mountains and jungles; in Colombia, there are also a great number of birds with various shades of green. Here, you can see some of them.


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