How Easy is it to Live a Nomadic Life?

April 3, 2024 My travel Journal, Wonder, My book

I would never have asked that question to myself a few years ago before my life turned upside down and I had begun this endless journey.

I never met anyone who lived like this, and I think I would have been very intrigued and would have wanted to know how and why she or he came to live from one place to another without a home and without everything that represents a stable life.

It’s a Long and Amazing Story.

It is not easy to answer, and I think it makes a very long story that you could read very soon in my book “WONDER, My Journey through Nature.” But today, I will give you a quick answer: It is the most intense and wonderful experience I have ever had. The freedom of living in nature allowed me to have a picnic for breakfast surrounded by fall foliage or on a snowy landscape. I waited for the sunrise, rolled up in a blanket on a lonely beach, and sat down to paint by the warmth of a campfire in the middle of the forest.

I Also Have Some Questions for You

Have you seen the Milky Way? How many shooting stars have you seen in the last year? A decade? Or your whole life? Have you watched a flock of birds gliding on the air currents over a golden sunset or a pod of dolphins playing freely in the sea? Have you heard stories, myths, and legends from people from other cultures?

As a solo traveler, I found the answer to all these questions.

“WONDER, My Journey through Nature” is a digital book. I will soon share where you can get it; you can read it on your computer, tablet, or phone.



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