Embracing the Magic

May 12, 2024 My travel Journal, Wonder, My book

My Nomadic Life

Starting a nomadic life was hard. I had never imagined making such a decision and living without a home, surrounded by everything I had always treasured and thought was indispensable. But I didn’t expect what would happen inside me once I started this adventure.

Finding My Path

When I immersed myself in nature, walking through forests, deserts, lakes, volcanos, and glaciers, I felt that every day was a gift. I found freedom, passion, and a new way of life. By embracing the magic inherent in every experience, I found the strength to persevere, finding so much joy and happiness in nature.

Even though I was isolated in the chaos of the pandemic, I got the courage to travel from total darkness towards the beautiful light that first appeared in the sky just before the sun rose.


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