Could you get rid of all your possessions?

April 22, 2024 My Solo Trip, My travel Journal

Getting rid of all my stuff in mid-2020 was complicated and painful, but this first step allowed me to build a new life. Until four years ago, I lived peacefully and happily in my house. I moved there with my young children; they grew up there and left to pursue their dreams, leaving possessions and memories behind. When I realized I also had to leave, I faced the difficult task of getting rid of all my belongings. My sudden divorce left me no other option, and as I went through the rooms filled with furniture and closets stuffed with clothes and memories, I felt like I was collapsing.

The Easiest Part

I started with what caused me the slightest pain, what I had no attachments to. My house, besides being my family’s home, had been a place with open doors for visitors, friends, and temporary residents. When they were gone, many left behind unbelievable things I only found when doing a deep clean. An elegant Hugo Boss suit, a complete set of equestrian clothing, wigs and hats, dance shoes, makeup, costumes, skiing clothes, and an endless list of objects unknown to me. These were easy to give away because they never belonged to me. Afterward, I started donating my things, furniture, electronics, and many items I hadn’t used for years but kept in case I needed them someday.

The Most Painful Task

As I cleaned, donated, and threw away many things, what remained was most dear to me. Those objects with which I had an emotional bond, the memories of my young children, crafts I had collected from my travels, gifts from my family, and kitchen utensils. I love cooking and have acquired them over the years. To console myself, I kept the spices. The last to go were the objects that ripped at my heart: photographs, my art materials, my plants, my paintings, and my books, almost all of which I distributed among my dearest friends and neighbors.

How do I Feel Today?

Today, after four years of nomadic life, when I look back, I don’t miss anything that I regret having parted with. I miss many things from my previous life, but not the objects. When I finished cleaning, I felt free and light, and I was able to make a radical change in my life. I have compiled all these experiences in my new e-book, WONDER, My Journey through Nature.

WONDER: My Journey Through Nature

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