Caracara cheriway, Crested Caracara

December 11, 2020 Birds, Birds from Colombia

The Crested Caracara, Caracara Cheriway, is a scavenger bird that flies slowly, looking for dead animals. It also walks on the ground looking for food, insects, or small animals in the grass.

Is it a scavenger?

The caracara is opportunistic, follows black vultures to locate prey, and steals food from other birds.

The skin on the caracara’s face is bare, typical of scavengers. Although it is a scavenger, it is also a hunter. It can catch small animals such as snakes, mice, fish, birds, and eggs. It even eats insects that dig from the ground with its feet.

Where does it live?

It can be found from northern South America to the southern United States, but it is increasingly scarce due to the loss of its habitat. It used to be very common in Florida and Texas.

Does the Caracara have any predators?

The adults have no predators, but the eggs and chicks are preyed upon by other birds or raccoons.

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