Mount Rainier, Washington State

I began this segment of my trip at Mount Rainier, the gigantic snow-covered volcano and the national park named after it. This cone-shaped active volcano is just sixty miles from Seattle, the largest city in Washington.

Mount Helen, Washington State

Mount Helens is one of the mountains I wanted to visit since I crossed the Oregon border. I wanted to get closer and tried several entry routes, but I found all the roads closed due to snow. I drove around it and enjoyed seeing and photographing it from sunrise to sunset.

Mount Baker, Washington State

The day was perfect: blue sky, warm breeze, and the radiant forest at the base. I started walking, following a trail parallel to the crystal-clear Nooksack River. As I advanced, enjoying my walk, the place’s charm turned into unease. I found bear footprints on soft mud, scat, and deep cuts in several trees.

North Cascades National Park, Washington State

I continued my trip through the mountain range, reaching the North Cascades National Park, where forests, rivers, and waterfalls surround over three hundred glaciers. What surprised me the most were the colors of the water.