Walking Among on the Clouds

Walking among the clouds and thick fog that rests on the coasts was an unusual experience. Nothing could be seen beyond a couple of feet. I felt levitating as I strolled along the deserted beach amidst the mist.

Rialto Beach, Washington State

One of my favorite beaches was Rialto Beach. However, my first visit was unsuccessful because the day was dark, and a light drizzle fell on my face and slid over my eyes and nose. I had the feeling of being underwater. On my next visit, I ensured I would have a clear sky and a low tide.

The Whales

Seeing a whale can happen daily for many people, but not for me. Although I had seen them from afar on California’s shore, I hadn’t had the opportunity to see them up close until that day in Washington State, when I saw them in their environment, enjoying their freedom.

Olympic National Park, Washington State

This is a chapter I did not write; it was only when I read the published book that I realized I unconsciously avoided writing about my visit to the Olympic National Park in Washington State. When I sat down to write the book’s last chapters, I did closely to my dear Carolina, to whom I have dedicated this book and who was living her last days. She and her beautiful children accompanied me to visit the park. So, I just have the images.