West Virginia, Wild and Wonderful

The sunrise on these summits was a sensory gift. As I gazed at the horizon from the top, I saw a succession of mountains shrouded in golden clouds. As the sun illuminated these watery veils resting on the peaks, the faint layers changed as the wind moved them.

The word Shenandoah comes from an indigenous name that the ancient people gave to this wonderful region and it means “Beautiful Daughter of the Stars.”

New River Gorge National Park & Preserve, West Virginia

One of the most beautiful areas of the park is the Sandstone Falls. Large rocks surround the river, and its waters cascade forcefully in steps. The waterfalls create small islets where trees and shrubs defy the river’s force, standing tall amidst the current.

Autumn on the Highest Peaks

I discovered that winter had arrived early in the highest mountains, even before all the leaves had fallen. Frost and the first snow mingled with the autumn landscape, and icicles formed on the rocks as the water running over the moss froze.