A Magical Dawn, California

The dark and jagged mountain peaks seemed like the jaws of a giant monster who began to nibble on the moon with small, delicate bites, savoring its beauty as it disappeared into its depths.

Ash Meadows, Nevada

This oasis, which has been protected since 1938 when it was declared a fauna and flora sanctuary, is vital to science because the water springs from the ground, forming small pools that preserve a strange and isolated habitat.

Darwin Falls, California

It was surprising to see how the water had transformed one of the planet’s driest and most inhospitable places, turning it into a green oasis full of life.

The Artist’s Palette, California

Volcanic eruptions that occurred thousands of years ago formed this place where small hills of pastel tones stand out before the dark mountains canyon.

Sand Dunes, California

When I got closer to the dunes and started walking, it seemed they had no end; every time I reached a crest, more and more appeared toward the horizon.

Salt Flats, California

When the moon rose behind the high rock walls, turned the white area into a silver lake. Walking in this extraordinary place was an experience that I find challenging to describe. Still, it was one of those moments I would like to relive forever.

The Amazing Canyons, California

I visited many areas within the park, and the names were very descriptive given by the first travelers who toured the region or worked in the mines. Despite their geographical proximity, each canyon is entirely different from the others.

Big Dune Recreation Area, Nevada

This unknown place, with no road, was a beautiful discovery. It is used for ATVs and motorcycles. Fortunately, the dunes were undisturbed on the day of my visit.