Weathering the storm

Cape May, New Jersey

When I reached the coast, I found many species of waterfowl hidden among the extensive wetlands. The long golden spikes were swaying in the wind, contrasting against the cloudless sky and the reflection of the water.

Acadia National Park, Maine

I visited the long, secluded beaches of white sand with large black stones, the forests covered in moss, and the vibrant autumn colors.

My Visit to Acadia National ParkI visited the Acadia National Park in Maine in November 2020 amid the pandemic. One of the reasons for choosing it was its isolation. Although it is a small park and one of the most visited, with more than 3 million visitors yearly, my time there was no longer high season. Acadia National Park.

Maine Fantastic Colors

Since the seasons began to be a part of my life, I have liked early snowfalls when the leaves have fallen. My first visit to Acadia gave me one of my favorite experiences because despite many trees still having their colorful leaves, I loved seeing the contrast of their bright colors against the snow and ice.

And what am I going to eat? Going on a trip always requires careful planning, especially during a pandemic. Food is a priority and should be kept from chance. And what are you going to eat? People asked me. Today, I will tell you what I am eating and how I have organized myself.