The Coasts are Wrapped in Mist

The coasts of Oregon are of rugged and untamed beauty, seemingly floating through the mist that often covers the ocean as beaches, cliffs, and rocks sink and reappear amidst the incessant flow of tides and giant waves.

Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, Oregon

Haystack Rock is a monolith, a single stone surrounded by smaller rocks called needles, presumably referring to the saying “a needle in a haystack.” When I arrived at the beach, the tide was very high, and from afar, I saw the dark, barren, and inaccessible rock. But as the waters receded, the beach connected to it through a sandy and rocky area, revealing that its desolate appearance was just a mirage because, in reality, it was home to many species of marine life.

The Tide Pools, Oregon

I saw many green and pink anemones that opened their tentacles when the waves covered them and closed them when they were exposed to the air; there were bright orange starfish attached to the dark rocks, purple sea urchins, crabs, sea cucumbers, oysters, and other marvelous mollusks.

The Mouth of the Columbia River, Oregon

My visit to Oregon ended in Astoria, at the mouth of the Columbia River, which is so broad that I couldn’t see the other shoreline. After two months of walking among glaciers, moss-covered forests, deserts, and waterfalls, I left Oregon to begin my trip through Washington State.