Wire Pass Canyon, Utah

Through the undulating walls of the Wire Canyon, the light peeked timidly from above, creating an enchanted display of lights, shadows, and colors.

Arches National Park, Utah

In Arches National Park, thousands of stone arches of all sizes and shapes exist. Some are gigantic, and others are just holes in the rocks. Some are in pairs, resting on one another or standing elevated and inaccessible, while others are at ground level, alone.

Canyonlands National Park, Utah

The great plateau crossed by gigantic canyons carved by the Colorado River shone under the sunlight, making this fantastic world real, as if a magician were touching the edges of the rocks with a golden brush.

Capitol Reef National Park, Utah

The river carved a canyon eight hundred feet deep where the colorful rock formations contrasted with the snow and a blue desert sky. The indigenous people who inhabited this area called it “the sleeping rainbow.”

Colorado River, Moab, Utah

On a lonely road, I stumbled upon a breathtaking landscape nestled within a canyon that traced the edges of the Colorado Riverbed. The palette of colors was fantastic: a pristine layer of white ice covering the emerald waters contrasted against the ochre and red-hued canyon walls. Delicate golden spires interrupted the scene while thousands of low, rounded yellow bushes wrapped the crimson earth below. Above, the vast immensity of a cloudless sapphire sky completed this stunning display.