Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, Oregon

Some waterfalls were easily accessible, but others were hidden, and I had to hike through the woods to reach them. Spring, once again, was in bloom. The leaves were luminous and sparkling as they sprouted, and the water vapor and rain multiplied their brilliance. When the clouds allowed the sun’s rays to pass, rainbows shone between the waterfall’s mist and the dark rocks. Although each moment had magic, my favorite memories were wrapped in fog.

Tamolitch Falls, Oregon

The waterfall is small and only visible in spring, but what makes this place wonderful is the transparency of the pond’s waters. The trail is about two miles long and runs parallel to the river. The entire forest floor, rocks, and tree trunks, even the rocks submerged in the river, are covered by a spongy layer of moss.

Silver Falls, Oregon

This park, also called the Ten Falls Park, is said to be the crown jewel of Oregon, and it’s easy to see where its name comes from. As I began walking the trail, the trees shone unusually as the green that sparkled under the sunlight made the forest vibrate; the trunks, the ground, and the rocks were covered with moss, and ferns sprouted from the damp soil as they slowly unfurled their leaves.