Enjoying my Favorite Birds in Florida

Roseate spoonbill, Platalea ajaja

The morning light filtered through the roots and reflected on their marvelous plumage. Gradually, they would spread their wings of pink and magenta feathers and extend their strange, bare, green-skinned heads with large spoon-shaped bills.

After the Storm, Florida

When the stormy weather intensifies, the land becomes waterlogged, allowing shorebirds to bathe, socialize, and hunt. I eagerly anticipated these moments because when the birds were in these temporary lagoons, they seemed unconcerned by my presence, allowing me to approach closely with my camera without inducing any stress.

The Sahara Dust Storms in Florida

This phenomenon originates more than five thousand miles away. The Sahara dust storms travel from Africa. These clouds appear as a thick haze, especially at dawn and dusk, reflecting and intensifying red, orange, pink, and yellow colors.

Florida is known for its intense storms; they are so powerful that they can cause destruction, but at the same time, they are part of the cycle of life.
“After the Storm” is a nature documentary based on my experience after visiting Fort Desoto Park, located in Saint Petersburg, Florida, for several months.