Blue-necked Tanager, Stilpnia cyanicollis

November 18, 2021 Birds, Birds from Colombia, My Solo Trip

The Blue-necked Tanager (Stilpnia cyanicollis) lives in northern South America, from Colombia to Bolivia. It has beautiful colors, and the most striking feature is its very defined bright blue head that contrasts with the dark body.

Blue-necked Tanager, Stilpnia cyanicollis

. By looking at its pictures, it is challenging to imagine how small it is because when it is perched on a branch sticking its head up and stretching its body, it looks much bigger. For reference, it is so tiny that it measures less than the index finger, and its weight is equivalent to a tablespoon of coffee.

The male and female are the same and generally fly with their partner. It feeds mainly on fruits, although its diet includes insects found among the foliage.


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