Black-Capped Tanager, Stilpnia Heinei

May 17, 2022 Birds from Colombia

The male and female of this beautiful black-capped tanager (Stilpnia heinei) are so different that they look as if they are from different species. The male is blue and turquoise with a black crown, and the female is green with a blue head.

They live in the mountains of Venezuela, Colombia, and northern Ecuador. In each of these countries, they receive a different name: tángara capirotada (in Colombia), tángara de gorro negro (in Venezuela) or tangara gorrinegra (in Ecuador).

The female builds the nest with straw, moss, lichens, and cobwebs, and she alone broods and cares for her chicks while the male sporadically brings her food. They feed mainly on insects found among the foliage.


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