Live Intensely, It’s My Decision

January 23, 2024 My travel Journal, The most beautiful places in North America

Making decisions, embracing change, starting new projects, or trying unfamiliar things can be challenging. Yet, I acknowledge that avoiding these opportunities is the surest way to invite failure.

Driving North

A few days ago, as I embarked on my journey to the northern United States, I faced a dilemma about visiting a park that deviated about two hours to the south. Numerous reasons presented themselves as valid excuses to refrain—days to come on the road, dreary weather, and familiarity with the birds there. While waiting at a traffic light, torn between turning left and right, I rebelled against my hesitations and headed south.

Black Point Drive, Merritt Island, Florida

As I entered the park, all my doubts vanished. The rain, the impending hours of driving, everything faded away. Stepping out of the car, the tiny, porous stones crunched beneath my feet, and the sea breeze mingled with the distant squawks of anhingas hidden in the mangrove. I knew I had made the right decision. Placing my camera with a large lens on the tripod, I ventured down the well-trodden path, feeling as if I had returned to my own home, to the one where I lived before and does not exist anymore.

The Booming Wildlife

The park unfolded its familiarity—ducks splashing in calm waters, Common Gallinules with their fantastical yellow feet gracefully stepping on fragile floating vegetation, a dry tree cradling three bald eagles, and a shared territory of herons and ibis within the mangrove.

Excitement surged as I recognized the bush where a mother raccoon sheltered her young and where I encountered a massive alligator snapping turtle years ago. A playful kingfisher’s memory stirred at a bend in the trail, leaping from branch to branch until captured in a single photograph.

Breathing in the clean air, I followed the path, savoring each moment, immersed in the vibrant life of the surroundings. Soon, I would return to the silent, impenetrable world of ice and snow. Pausing to enjoy the dance of the reddish egret and to capture the beauty of roseate spoonbills, distinguished not only by their unique color but also by their distinct fishing technique. Their long, flattened beaks submerged, heads swaying from side to side in shallow waters, capturing a bounty of crustaceans, aquatic insects, fish, frogs, and small reptiles.

Live Intensely

Our future remains uncertain, and the present is often discarded for a past of brightness or tears or fretting over an unpredictable future. Every day, we must give ourselves and those close to our hearts the best moments available in the present.


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