About me

I am a Colombian photographer, artist, and storyteller. I began my journey, like many others, without a clear destination. I didn’t know how long it would last or what I would discover. I took my cameras, notebooks, and brushes to capture images and express my feelings and emotions.

I received photography and the passion for traveling as a legacy from my ancestors. I am the fifth generation of photographers in my family, and I have had a camera in my hands for as long as I can remember.

I am a Treasure Hunter

I count my wealth on the starry nights when the fireflies dance in the sky. I seek beauty in nature. In a seamlessly cloudy sky, in a storm’s striking force, or a waterfall’s smooth movement. I can spend endless hours photographing shiny raindrops resting on a blade of grass or a sparkly frozen leaf on the forest floor.

I Discover My Passion on the Ice

I look for endless ice shapes during the winter months. I tiptoe carefully over the wildflower fields covered in tiny water droplets in spring and the infinite shades of green during summer. The fantastic changing colors in autumn, where the light dances with the breeze, taking the dry leaves to fly like multicolored butterflies.

I Carry the Sap of the Forests in my Veins

I let the forest penetrate under my skin and whisper the secrets it hides inside its foliage. I have seen waterfalls flow underground in my path, and a rainbow emerges in the driest desert. I have enjoyed the solitude of the sunrises from the highest mountains and the full moon reflections over the shiny waters of the ocean. I have strolled through the misty rainforests covered in orchids, moss, ferns, and bromeliads and seen the vegetation collecting water directly from the clouds on the highest peaks in the Andes.

Magic is in my Eyes

I have found birds that change color when the light reflects off their iridescent feathers, spiderwebs that hold the shiny pearls of morning dew, and walking trees in the jungle whose roots allow them to move in search of sunlight. I encountered butterflies with crystal wings and armies of tiny ants that carried leaves and flowers in endless columns across the jungle.

I am fortunate to discover every day what this wonderful planet offers and the pleasure of sharing my legacy.