A Magical Sunset on the Elk River

April 6, 2021 Birds, My Solo Trip, The most beautiful places in North America

The magical sunset at the mouth of the Elk River in Northern California was the best way to end my day after traveling five hours through the Sierra Nevada. I will tell this story in another post.

The afternoon was quite cold when I reached the river, and since I had never been to this region, everything was new. A slight haze wrapped the horizon and faded the orange hues of the sun. The aquatic birds splashed, fished, flew, and enhanced this wonderful moment with their songs.

I know that this coming week that I will be visiting this region will be an experience full of surprises.

A curious fact, the Elk River received this name because Josiah Gregg, a merchant and naturalist who visited the region with a group of friends (in 1849,) had a feast, and ate elk meat by the river. From that moment on, the river lost its indigenous name: “Ka-sha-reh.”

Sé que la semana que estaré en este lugar será una experiencia llena de sorpresas.

Un dato curioso, el río Elk (ciervo) recibió este nombre por que un comerciante y naturalista que visitó la región en 1849 comió carne de ciervo cerca del rio con un grupo de amigos. A partir de ese momento el río perdió su nombre indígena: “Ka-sha-reh”.


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