A Complex Eagle Story

May 13, 2021 Birds, My Solo Trip, The most beautiful places in North America

This is a story that starts with three eagles. In each of the photographs, I will try to tell you what I understood about this complex situation: the protagonists were two ospreys and a bald eagle on Sauvie Island, in the Columbia River in Oregon.

The bold eagle vigilant at the top of the tree
The male osprey flies away
The bold eagle goes straight to the nest, the mother leaves the nest, and the bold eagle follows her.

They get very close to each other.
I don’t know how, but the bald eagle appears in the middle of the confusion with a fish in its claws, but the fish manages to escape. (the image is blurred, but the fish appears below the bald eagle falling into the water)
I did not understand this very well. The bald eagle, perched on the treetop, looks aggressive with its beak open and its wings spread threateningly. In the lower right corner, the osprey flies off. Why the osprey was there?

Many of the images are not worth it from a photographic point of view. The birds were more than 200 or 300 meters from where I was. They were flying at high speed, and it was very difficult for me to focus on them, but the story seemed so exciting, so I published them. The nest was safe.

Finally, the bold eagle couldn’t get closer to the nest and flew away
Mount Hellen is only 85 miles from Sauvie Island, where I photographed the eagles.


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