Colombia, a Place where Colors are Magic 

These pictures were taken during mi trips to Colombia over the past decade. Even though I was born in Colombia and I lived most of my life there, I can now see and feel my Country from the distance in a very different way. I mix my nostalgia with the tropical colors, the richness of its architecture, and the evergreen landscape.
Unfortunately Colombia was not only hit by an absurd war, but also has been stigmatized as a Country full of danger and violence. Although the situation has changed, Colombia still remains as a hidden gem from the rest of the world.
Colombia is located in the northern corner of South America, alongside the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. The Andes mountain range crosses from south to north, and the Amazon River basin irrigates large territories of tropical rainforest. The country is dotted with mountains, rivers, glaciers, volcanoes, valleys, and deserts.

Colombia is rich in fauna and flora and its great diversity of birds and butterflies makes it unique.
Hundreds of villages preserved the traditional Spanish architecture since the colonial times, but the newer generations have been filling the ever-white walls with bright colors and dazzling designs.

Sierra Nevada, Santa Marta

Sierra Nevada, Santa Marta

Tatacoa Desert

San Agustin Archeological Park

Chingaza National Park

Traditional Architecture

Cloud Forest

Wax Palm Forest